Clermont Construction is Booming

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We just started a new project in Clermont providing roll off dumpsters for the construction of a new O’Reilly Auto Parts store on Hwy 50. We are working with R.E. Crawford Construction. The project just started at the beginning of August. The new 6,972 square foot store will replace a vacated Dairy Queen.

We are currently providing one 20-yard construction dumpster and regular hauling services. This is the third new O’Reilly location in our area. It is joining an existing store in Groveland, plus a larger store that just opened in June in Leesburg and another location that is still in the planning stages in Eustis that will be located near the Lake Eustis Chamber of Commerce. These new stores are part of an expansion plan that includes opening 200 new stores this year.

The recent boom in new construction shows the economy is recovering and there are opportunities for new development. Sunshine Recycling has provided construction dumpsters and other waste management solutions for many recent construction and demolition projects in Clermont. We have provided a range of waste management solutions for projects in Clermont including construction dumpster rentals, portable toilets, and recycling.

Recent jobs we’ve assisted on include a renovated Nissan auto dealership, an ABC liquor store, and a retirement living community. Last fall, we also provided dumpsters and hauling to clean up debris after a sinkhole formed in Clermont and caused buildings to collapse.

The O’Reilly Auto Parts store in Clermont will be located at 520 E. Highway 50 with frontage on East Colonial Drive. The lot is a little over one acre so there will be ample parking available as well. Construction is still in the very early phases. The previous building has been demolished and now the property is being prepared to lay pipes and the foundation for the new store. We look forward to providing continuing waste management services until the construction is complete.

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Construction Dumpster Now on Location for Development of Dick’s Sporting Goods Store in Orlando


new construction in orlando fashion square mall

We are currently working with Clermont-based Schmid Construction on the development of a new standalone Dick’s Sporting Goods store on Hwy 50 in Orlando near Fashion Square Mall.

The store will be a whopping 50,010 square feet and is the second Dick’s store to open this year in central Florida. Another standalone location in the Sandhill Commons shopping center in Clermont is set to open on Friday, June 27 with a three-day celebration.

The new store facing Hwy 50 sits on a 5.1-acre lot that was previously occupied by a Toys ‘R’ Us and smaller shopping spaces that were demolished late last year. Developed by UP Development Inc. based in Tennessee, the site will also include a smaller 3,100-square-foot restaurant space. The lease for the restaurant has not yet been confirmed, but the Orlando Business Journal reports that UP Development was in talks with Noodles & Co.

We are currently providing one construction dumpster and multiple hauls to empty and return the container. We also have portable toilets on site. The construction has just started and the building will take several months to complete.

The new development will revitalize the area around Orlando Fashion Square Mall and may encourage other businesses to expand and open locations in this area, too. While construction always brings temporary jobs to the city, the new retail store and restaurant will also provide long-term employment opportunities and continue to positively impact our local economy. We appreciate being part of the continued growth and development of our city.

We have a large fleet of trucks and dumpsters of all sizes in Orlando and our schedules are flexible to accommodate construction jobs of any scale that may require frequent hauls per day, week or month. Construction debris can be transported to a local landfill, but may also be sorted and recycled either in part or in its entirety. As a LEED-certified waste management company, we are dedicated to supporting environmental initiatives and can provide recycling hauling during construction in Orlando.

If you are starting a construction project in or around Orlando, please contact us for pricing.

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Recycling Debris from the Construction of a New Apartment Community in Orlando

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Sunshine Recycling is currently on the building site of a new 334-unit apartment complex, Altis at Sand Lake, in Orlando. We are providing several sizes of construction dumpsters plus portable toilets and holding tanks for the construction trailers.

We have 30-yard dumpsters to collect typical construction debris. We are also providing 20-yard dumpsters to collect and haul concrete and metals for recycling. The new apartment complex is located at 7001 Palm Parkway and joins a family of communities located across Florida in Broward County, Coconut Creek, Pembrook Pines and Tampa.

Recycling Construction Debris

As a LEED-certified construction and waste management company, we are capable of hauling and recycling typical construction debris. Common construction debris is similar to items recycled at home and include paper, plastics, metal and wood. Other kinds of debris like brick and concrete can also be recycled.

Regardless if a job is LEED-certified, we are able to collect and haul debris specifically to be recycled. As an independent hauler, we can haul your recyclables to a facility closest to your job site which will often save you money in the end. In addition, recycling is a cost-effective initiative because it’s usually less expensive than abandoning your waste in a landfill.

For this job, we’ve provided 20-yard dumpsters to collect concrete and metal to be recycled. This container is the recommended size for collecting heavy and bulky debris. Using a larger container to collect larger debris might make sense at first, but larger dumpsters can easily be filled beyond recommended capacity. This means that not only are those dumpsters harder to load, haul and empty but they will also cost you more because you’ll fill the dumpster beyond your allowed tonnage.

If you are working on new construction in Orlando, please give us a call. We offer many benefits to contractors including same-day service and dumpster delivery and multiple hauls to fit your construction schedule.

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New Hotel Construction in Orlando

construction dumpsters for rent in orlando

We are currently working with general contractors Welbro Building Corp. on the construction of a new Residence Inn by Marriott hotel in Orlando. We are providing 20-yard containers to collect and haul construction debris. We have also provided the job site with portable toilets for the duration of the project.

Located at 672 North Orange Avenue near the corner of Orange and Colonial Drive, the new hotel will be situated right downtown in the Central Business District. The location is mere minutes from Sunshine Park and the Amway Center, and is within walking distance of the SunRail station at Lynx Central Station, one of just four metro stops in Orlando on the commuter rail system that is expected to begin running on May 1.

The building was designed by Baker Barrios Architects. Construction began at the end of March 2014. The new Residence Inn will offer 138 rooms and includes a ground-level restaurant and integrated parking. The construction is expected to last six to eight months, and the hotel is slated to open mid-2015. During the construction, we will be providing regular hauling to empty and return the containers. Once the construction is completed, Sunshine Recycling will also be bidding to provide permanent recycling solutions for the hotel.

The 20-yard capacity dumpster is the most fitting option for large construction projects because it can easily accommodate heavier or bulky materials including dirt and concrete or asphalt. During this project, we will be collecting and hauling all types of standard construction debris ranging from wood, cardboard packaging, paper, concrete, plastics, and metals.

If you are breaking ground on new construction in or around Orlando, please contact us today to discuss your waste hauling and disposal needs. We offer competitive pricing, same-day service, long-term solutions for extended projects and can even recycle common construction debris.

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5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Renting a Dumpster

why you can't fill a dumpster to the top

Never fill your dumpster to the very top.
The dumpster on the left is too full to be safely hauled.

At Sunshine Recycling, we work hard to make renting a dumpster an easy, uncomplicated process. Over the years, there are several dumpster myths and misconceptions that we’ve encountered time and again. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when planning your next dumpster rental.

1. Fees are assessed every time. 

We offer competitive costs compared to other dumpster companies in the area including a small one-time delivery fee to drop the dumpster off at your residence or job site. We also provide a flat-rate hauling fee up to a certain tonnage (that means up to a certain total weight of the dumpster once it is filled).

What many people don’t realize is that flat-rate fee is accessed every time your dumpster is hauled to be emptied. To avoid any billing surprises, discuss the size and scope of your job with our sales representatives. They will recommend the best size dumpster for the job and may be able to help determine if you’ll need more than one pick up and haul during your rental period.

2. Overfilling a dumpster is a safety hazard.

If your dumpster is heavier than the allowed weight for our flat-rate fee, you’ll definitely incur more costs. An overloaded dumpster is also dangerous to load and transport. Materials are more difficult to contain in an overfilled dumpster and can easily fall out of the dumpster during transit, jeopardizing the safety of other motorists.

You’ve probably seen pictures of dumpsters filled to the brim, overflowing with trash or debris. In reality, you should never fill a dumpster more than halfway, or three-quarters full at the very most, depending on what you’re dumping. When collecting concrete, for example, or other heavy or bulky materials (like dirt) the dumpster should never be more than half full.

3. Dumping tires is expensive.

Local landfills in Orlando won’t accept tires. When we deliver a dumpster to be emptied and the load includes tires, the landfill assesses a $25 fee for each individual tire!

Other items that cannot be dumped or recycled and should not be included in our dumpsters are paint, wet concrete, appliances, computers or other electronics, refrigerators, stove tops and ovens, and hazardous chemicals or medical waste.

4. Dumpster placement could violate city codes.

If you’re renting a dumpster for residential use, make room on your property before we deliver the dumpster. You may lay down a tarp or plywood to protect your driveway or yard from the weight of the dumpster.

For residential rental, dumpsters cannot be placed on the street in front of your property. Not only is the dumpster a traffic hazard, but dumpsters placed in the street may also violate local city code. If you need to rent a dumpster and do not have space on your property, contact your local city government offices to find out if there are any permits you need in order to place a dumpster on your street.

5. You’re responsible for what other people dump.

If your dumpster is placed out in the open or close to a public road where others have easy access, you’re liable for whatever is placed in the dumpster. If someone comes along and tosses in 5 tires, you’re responsible to pay the $125 fee assessed by the landfill when your dumpster is emptied. If you’re unaware of other materials being tossed into your dumpster, you may end up overfilling the dumpster which will incur additional costs when we haul it.

To protect your dumpster investment, place the dumpster out of visible site, behind a fence or away from main roads. When you leave a job site for the night, place a tarp or cover over your roll off dumpster to prevent someone from easily dumping things in the top and make sure the door on the rear of the dumpster is closed and locked.

Please discuss any dumping safety concerns with our sales representatives. They will be able to recommend additional services or offer more suggestions to prevent others from using your dumpster to toss their trash.

Renting a dumpster can be easy and a stress-free process if you take a few simple steps to protect your investment. Limit access to your dumpster and ensure everyone takes appropriate measures to prevent overloading the container for a low-cost, additional fee free, dumpster renting experience.

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